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    Coming soon: the WBA Backgammon Heroes...

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    All WBA events in 2014 onwards will count towards the Point Race and build a ranking. A year-for year ranking will be in place as well as an all-time ranking.

    A player in the Elite Group will collect 20 points for each participation at a tournament. Additionally, for each match played and won in the main event, 10 points will be awarded and for each match played and won in the Ultimate Fight (Last Chance), 5 points will be awarded.

    The top 3 players of each year will be rewarded with a special prize at the first tournament iof the following year.

    Congratulations to Michael URBAN (Germany), Michel LAMOTE (Belgium) and Tobias HELLWAG (Germany) for building the top 3 in 2014 !

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    The WBA Backgammon Tournament videos.