4th Mindsports World Championships

4th Mindsports World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

A total prize-pool exceeding $200,000 spread around various games: chess, bridge, go, scrabble, e-sports and backgammon.

Various events will be held for the backgammon part, taking place during 3 days, 25th-27th August 2017. A traditional backgammon tournament, a modern backgammon tournament, a 1-point (DMP) Challenge, a Speedgammon Challenge, and a Double Consultation in Modern Backgammon.

Minimum overall guaranteed prize-pool: $6,000 and might go up to $12,000

Additional info and registration: http://msawc2017.com/backgammon/
Hotel bookings: http://msawc2017.com/hotels/

Come and discover Qatar and enjoy your favorite games!