World Backgammon Day - 21st March 2020

21st March is "World Backgammon Day" !!!

For many years, we have been encouraging the backgammon community to celebrate the World Backgammon Day by gathering, playing, organizing tournaments and enjoying the game, especially on March 21st.

This year, the Corona pandemic forces us to stay at home and isolate ourselves from social contacts. WBA endorses that advise.

However, we are happy that the ultimate and most advanced online backgammon site, GammonSpace, will hold special events on their site on the special occasion of World Backgammon Day. Therefore, we encourage all backgammon lovers to play a few games and tournaments on and to keep World Backgammon Day alive. Details can be found here:   

Spread out the word and let everyone know the date of this worldwide event.

Hopefully, the virus will be beaten soon and we can all celebrate the World Backgammon Day live and online in 2021.

Remain healthy, be safe, stay home and play backgammon! 


GammonSpace - New Online Backgammon Platform

GAMMONSPACE - The New Online Backgammon Platform

WBA is proud to cooperate and to endorse the latest and best online platform for backgammon. offers everything today´s players are looking for:

  • Play on any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and use any operating system (Windows, Android, Apple iOS)
  • Play for fun (playmoney mode) or for real money (Real Money Mode)
  • Play unlimited game or matches, sit-no-go´s, tournaments
  • Play your favorite type of game (slow, fast or speed time setting, short or long matches)
  • Play for prizes (backgammon equipment, cash prizes, qualifications to live tournaments)
  • Play on your favorite board (different skins of boards with different color combinations to choose from)

Download the app, register, make a deposit, play and enjoy the games on GammonSpace.




1st SpeedGammon Challenge, Mallorca 2018

What a great fun this was!

Franck Stepler (l.), Chiva Tafazzoli (m.), Jens Averkamp (r.)

9 nations were represented to play this new tournament and first of its kind ever, the “sunshine & beach” event taking place at the THB EL Cid Class Hotel**** on the beach in Playa de Palma, a few minutes away from the international airport and Palma de Mallorca with restaurants, bars, beach promenade, pools and wellness.

Congratulations to all winners:

Main Event:
Winner: Jens AVERKAMP (Germany), 2nd place: Franck STEPLER (France), 3rd place: Adrian NEDELCU (Austria), Ultimate Fighter Winner: Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic)

Warm-up: Allen TISH (USA)

Doubles: Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic) & Oliver PLAEHN (Germany)

Super-Jackpot: Sven RÜMCKER (Germany)

DMP-Challenge: Winner: Adrian NEDELCU (Austria), Finalist: Scarlett SERRERO (France)

Special Awards: Victor ASHKENAZI (USA), Wolfgang HERFET (Germany)

"Ricardo Malas" Traveler´s Trophy: Allen TISH (USA)

See you all next year at the "2nd Mallorca Challenge", from 26th to 29th of September 2019. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for the details.


Download this file (Mallorca 2018.pdf)Brochure Mallorca 2018[PDF File]1753 kB

tsystem operation ends

The WBA tournament management software, tsystem, has stopped online operation on March 1st, 2018

In the future, WBA will be using ftbgsystem as their tournament management software, which is a further development of tsystem, offering more features and being updated regularly.

The development and frequent updates of ftbgsystem require countless hours of work and manpower. This why the software is no longer free of charge.

For more information and enquiries, please visit


Paul Magriel passes away at age 71

Paul Magriel, aka X-22, passed away in Las Vegas on Monday, March 5th 2018. 

X will always be remembered as one of the greatest legends of the game, the godfather of modern backgammon and author of the backgammon bible called "Backgammon". His unforgotten achievements in backgammon and poker are plenty and many.

A great loss for backgammon. Rest In Peace, Paul!

4th Mindsports World Championships

4th Mindsports World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

A total prize-pool exceeding $200,000 spread around various games: chess, bridge, go, scrabble, e-sports and backgammon.

Various events will be held for the backgammon part, taking place during 3 days, 25th-27th August 2017. A traditional backgammon tournament, a modern backgammon tournament, a 1-point (DMP) Challenge, a Speedgammon Challenge, and a Double Consultation in Modern Backgammon.

Minimum overall guaranteed prize-pool: $6,000 and might go up to $12,000

Additional info and registration:
Hotel bookings:

Come and discover Qatar and enjoy your favorite games!

XII. Portuguese Masters & "José Salema Memorial" 2017

A huge "thank you" to all the participants of the XII. Portuguese Open for making it once again a very special one, among friends and family in a relaxed and cool atmosphere.

This tournament is outstanding in the circuit for being the most relaxed holiday and backgammon tournament with lots of time for sightseeing, relaxing, socializing, dining and drinking and fun, on top of backgammon action and competition.

See you all next year for a very special edition of this tournament for which many have already signed up.

Mark your calendar for the week after Monaco to spend a cool week (or more) in sunny Portugal...

Official Results Portugal 2017:

  • Special Award (best assistant): Niusha Tafazzoli (D)
  • Special Award (youngest player): Viky Cerna (CZ)
  • Special Award (unluckiest player): Franck Stepler (F)
  • Chouette-King: Thibaud Thompson (CH)
  • DMP-Challenge (64): Eva Zizkova (CZ)
  • SpeedGammon-Challenge (64): Michel Serrero (F)
  • Super-Jackpot (16): Thomas Kristensen (DK)
  • Doubles Winners (16): Katalin & Zsuzsanna Veszeli (H)
  • SpeedGammon Jackpot (16): Tatsuya Tanaka (JP)
  • “José Salema Memorial” (32): Anna-Maria Zarb (CH)
  • Leisure 2nd: Sonia Pellegrini (I)
  • Leisure Winner: Luisa Sequeira (P)
  • Elite Ultimate Fight Winner: Pavel Zaoral (CZ)
  • Elite 3rd: Honza Cerny (CZ)
  • Elite 2nd: Zdenek Zizka (CZ)
  • Winner Portuguese Open 2017: Thomas Kristensen (DK)

Link to Leisure division:
Link to Elite division:

Congratulations to all and see you next year for the "special edition".



Download this file (FlyerPortugal2017.pdf)Borchure Portugal 2017[PDF File]6617 kB

WBA is now BMAB Partner

WBA Events in 2016 are in accordance with BMAB Partnership Program.

Recording is allowed. Matches of the players wanting to be rated and ranked for BMAB will be accepted as such in accordance with the BMAB rules.

The tournaments in Munich, Köln, Portugal, Frankfurt and Prague will be BMAB labelled.

New Pipcounting Method Released

Axel Reichert, a software programmer and analytic backgammon player from Munich, has analyzed several pip-counting methods and developed a few of them for a more simple but efficient use during matches.

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So everyone knows backgammon, played with 2 dice. But who knows and enjoys SassanGammon, the variation played with 3 dice?

One die is rolled by each player for the toss. The winner of the toss plays the opening roll. From there onwards, a player rolls with 3 dice and his opponent takes away 1 die, leaving him the 2 others to play.

Exception: When a player has a checker or more on the bar, he rolls with 2 dice and plays them.

Try it, you´ll love it !